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The Foundation of the Atlantic City Free Public Library is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of aiding the Atlantic City Free Public Library. To help meet the Library's financial challenges, the Foundation seeks financial support to supplement the funding provided by the City of Atlantic City. Funds obtained through fund raising will be used bt the Foundation to help the Library assist its users by providing special equipment and expanded services.

The Foundation provides essential general operating support that allows the Library to maintain vital areas of service to the public. A donation to the general fund will help the library with ongoing costs for library materials and programming.

Each year the Foundation will also raise funds for specific needs and/or projects. These campaigns include providing books and other materials for the general and the Atlantic City Heritage collections, to developing new services or increase digital technology and for special event and cultural programs.

Foundation support also helps fund special initiatives that improve the lives of countless city residents. Grants for major new projects and special initiatives such as endowment, education-related activities, and collection development broaden access to information and help to secure a healthy financial future for the Library.

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