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About Us

The Foundation is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of aiding the Atlantic City Free Public Library.

Essential Services

The Library provides essential services to adults, teens and children.
The Library provides essential services which enrich the lives of our seniors, teens and children. Without your loyalty and support, this free and accessible public service simply would not survive. Funding for the library has been greatly reduced as a result of the economic conditions in Atlantic City. To help meet the Library's financial challenges, the Foundation seeks support to supplement the funding provided by The City of Atlantic City.

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Ready to read...

Creating a city of readers through our summer reading programs for teens and children, the Fade to Books reading program in City barbershops as well as our adult literacy program.

Building a stronger future...

Bridging the digital divide through computer classes, wireless access and public access computers.

Invest in The Library

Invest in Atlantic City's Future

The Atlantic City Public Library was busier than ever in 2019.
This year is shaping up to be another record-breaking year for services.
  • 586,623 people entered the library.
  • 340,720 books, downloadable items, DVDs and other materials were borrowed.
  • 84,176 computer sessions were scheduled by library users.
  • 48,697 information requests were answered by our staff.